About Us

Here is just a little bit about me.

My little business started in September 2015 just after my daughter was born making Matte and Glitter Vinyl Designs on Clothing from Newborn to Adult. 

I then expanded to Handmade Clothing using Imported fabrics from the US and UK which are made from Soft Cotton Lycra.

After many months of deciding if I should keep my vinyl side of the business I finally took the plunge and sold my equipment in July so I could focus on my sewing and the love for creating handmade clothing.

I now make a variety of Girls and Boys Handmade Clothing and more styles coming soon.

In 2019 I will be bring in Woman's Clothing so you can match you little babe in your life.

Thank you for stopping by my store and supporting my Small Business adventure.

Regards, Lisha x

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